Cats and dogs

According to two studies, the answer is yes: Just like humans are usually right- or left-handed, cats and dogs typically favour one side, being right pawed or left pawed.

The first study, performed by researchers at Turkey’s Ataturk University in 1991, showed the majority of domestic cats are right pawed (50 percent).10 percent are ambidextrous, and the remaining 40 percent favour their left paw. Dogs, according to a 2006 study by the University of Manchester, tend to be more evenly split—around 50 percent of dogs are left pawed and 50 percent are right pawed. With a statistically insignificant number being ambidextrous.


Left and right sided imbalances in posture one side

You and Me

It’s far fewer in humas with just around 10% being left handed (myself included). It shouldn’t really be surprising that not only do we favour one hand or foot, but most of us (so far EVERYONE I HAVE EVER TREATED!) favours one side more than the other.  This leads to imbalances in our bodies and postures. This doesn’t actually mean that it’s a problem, until it starts to feel like one.


In very general terms, deeper muscles tend to be fixator muscles and surface muscles tend to be movers. So if you favour one side more than the other the moving muscles tend to be more developed on this side. Whilst this is going on the other side tends to be providing the balance (fixating) and the deeper muscles can do more of the work.

Like I said this is a very generalist view and there are many other factors that can cause muscle pain but I see a lot of people who’s jobs or repetitive activity on one side causes issues and not always on the side they expect.

Take Rafael Nadal for example it is well documented that one of his arms is much larger than the other. His career has ended due to injuries caused by high levels of stress on particular area’s of his body. Some of this is through heavy ‘ballistic’ exercise others through taking large G forces as the body supports the movement.





One side arm bigger than the other


You don’t need to be a tennis player or sports star to have these issues though. In fact a large amount of the people I see are suffering from some sort of imbalance simply by doing a certain job or just by favouring one side. I see drivers, builders (lots of trades in fact), dancers, teachers, retired people and sports people. The good news is, if it’s causing you pain we can do something about it.


Depending on what your issue is, the solution may only be a temporary fix. After all if you keep going back to the same situation you are probably going to get the same outcome. However Panic not, I am a realist and understand that you have a job to do and can’t just suddenly give it up because your (insert body part here) hurts.

As well as treating the immediate cause and location of the pain (not always the same thing). I also work with you to look at how you can make adjustments to the way you do things in order that you can get better.

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