Back Pain

When people think of the words ‘sports massage’ they obviously tend to think of a sports related injury. What I do really is manipulate the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the body to facilitate recovery and to re-enable movement, hence Soft Tissue Therapy.

Most soft tissue injuries are nothing to do with sport, and instead tend to be caused by something we do in our everyday lives. It’s often not even a big thing but actually a small adjustment that overtime builds up to cause a bigger problem.

One particular cause of Back pain can be as simple as sitting on your wallet!

STTEastbourne_wallet Back Pain


Sitting on your wallet changes the position of your pelvis. Even if that adjustment is only a centimetre, that adjustment compounds over time. As you work up the spine the movement is exaggerated so your shoulders, neck and head can also be affected.

It’s not just sitting on your wallet though. If you carry your wallet in your back pocket and are bending over or squatting, the fabric is compressing your wallet against your glute and piriformis muscles. This restricts their movement, once again causing your pelvis to shift and tilt.

Piriformis Syndrome

The Piriformis muscle is responsible for a lot of back issues, even though it is located in the pelvis. It attaches to the top of the femur (your leg bone) and the Sacrum (base of your spine) if this muscle is tight or impinged it can rotate or distort the postion of the pelvis putting strain on to the lower back. You can read more about how this affects you here



STTEastbourne_wallet Back Pain

Skin Tight

Not only can your wallet or handbag cause you problems but high heels, skin tight clothing and ties can also cause you impingements. Men – if you have ever worn skinny or tight jeans think about how much they impinge your ability to raise up your leg.

This might seem ok when you’re not making big movements but actually they are restricting your movement all of the time in a smaller way. I’m not advocating that we all walk around in Muu Muu’s and ditch your fashion choice, however if you have an issue it may be worth considering what you are wearing and how it might be affecting you.


Pain and Treatment

If you are suffering from any pain or discomfort and you can not quite isolate what is causing it, come and see me. Recently I have identified digging holes, using a spanner, lots of bad sitting and a number of other things as causes of peoples pain.

If we can work out what is causing it, it is also likely that I can treat it and give you guidance on how to prevent it in future.

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